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It's long been standard practice for many companies with high information security requirements to use anti-virus products from different vendors for the workstations, servers, and gateways in their corporate networks. Dr.Web CureNet! allows you to use two (2) anti-viruses on workstations and Windows file servers simultaneously: Dr.Web and an anti-virus from another vendor.

You don’t need to run a server or install the scanners included in Dr.Web CureNet! on Windows workstations and servers. The scanner software can be distributed over the network from any computer running Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 or later; Windows Server 2003 SP1 or later; Windows Vista (only Business, Enterprise or Ultimate editions) SP1 or later; Windows Server 2008; Windows 7 (only Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate editions); Windows Server 2008 SP2; Windows 8 and 8.1 (only Professional and Enterprise editions); Windows Server 2012; Windows 10. Dr.Web CureNet! Master can be launched from any removable data storage device including a USB flash drive.

Dr.Web scanners for Windows are not installed in systems but are distributed between target machines. Once scanning is completed, all files related to the scanners are deleted. You can disable network access for the target machine while it is being scanned to avoid recurring infection or prevent malware from spreading to other workstations in the network.

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charles sterling CISSP
2012.04.06 18:33

I've just learned of your presence and due to the MAC botnet discovery. I'm interested in exploring your products further and have interest in mobile protection as well. I'm a HTCIA and Infragard member with an array of security concerns in our global mobile environment. First concern is to opening Country Blocks in firewalls to access products / updates (rules to create).
Would be a hard sell to utilize services other than the most common solutions.
Any feedback is appreciated.

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