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If your company provides computer repair services, or if your business is connected with information technologies and your customers need reliable anti-virus protection, add the popular Russian anti-virus to your list of services, and increase your revenue.

When you join the low-cost Dr.Web CureNet! programme, you can profit as an online reseller by offering standard Dr.Web licenses to your customers! Online reselling is the easiest way to partner with Doctor Web. Become our online reseller, and you are guaranteed:

  • 30 – 39% of the sales revenue
  • No sales volume requirements
  • Instant delivery of an electronic license after receipt of payment

Are you ready to invest in your infrastructure and offer unique services to your customers?

Delivery of anti-virus software as a service (SaaS) is gaining popularity. Offer the Dr.Web anti-virus service in your area! Leave time-consuming on-site repair work in the past. Install Dr.Web AV-Desk on your server, and control the anti-virus security of your customers’ machines, no matter where they are, right from your own desk.

Learn how to deploy Dr.Web AV-Desk

Partners receive marketing and technical support from Doctor Web at all stages of cooperation

How does it work?

Orders from online resellers of Dr.Web software are received by the Dr.Web e-store. Electronic licenses are distributed by the e-commerce provider Avangate with whom the reseller signs an agreement.

In order to receive more detailed information and get access to a draft of the agreement, you need to register. After signing an agreement, you will gain access to the online reseller section of the web site.

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CureNet! lounge

charles sterling CISSP
2012.04.06 18:33

I've just learned of your presence and due to the MAC botnet discovery. I'm interested in exploring your products further and have interest in mobile protection as well. I'm a HTCIA and Infragard member with an array of security concerns in our global mobile environment. First concern is to opening Country Blocks in firewalls to access products / updates (rules to create).
Would be a hard sell to utilize services other than the most common solutions.
Any feedback is appreciated.

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