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We created the Dr.Web CureNet! user club for those who believe in efficiency of Dr.Web technologies and uses them to provide services. Members of the club can use Dr.Web CureNet! and Dr.Web CureIt! free of charge, participate in promo events, share their experience of Dr.Web CureNet! and have a higher support priority. They are also the first to learn about latest product releases.

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charles sterling CISSP
2012.04.06 18:33

I've just learned of your presence and due to the MAC botnet discovery. I'm interested in exploring your products further and have interest in mobile protection as well. I'm a HTCIA and Infragard member with an array of security concerns in our global mobile environment. First concern is to opening Country Blocks in firewalls to access products / updates (rules to create).
Would be a hard sell to utilize services other than the most common solutions.
Any feedback is appreciated.

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